Skrede, S. 2001. Sannsynlig lokalitet for stormarihand Dactylorhiza praetermissa (Druce) Soó på Stadlandet. Blyttia 59: 32-36.
A probable locality for Dactylorhiza praetermissa (Druce) Soó in Western Norway.

In 1972, Professor Rolf Nordhagen published what he considered to be the first Norwegian find of Dactylorhiza praetermissa from a river bank on the peninsula Stadlandet, Selje in Sogn og Fjordane county. Nordhagen’s material was scarce and the population has proved difficult to localise. Norwegian botanists have therefore generally dismissed Nordhagen’s conclusions. A regulation of the watercourse finally destroyed the locality in 1981. But the same regulation happened to create a new marshy habitat not far from the original one, and among the colonizing species the author in 1997 found at least two individuals of a Dactylorhiza corresponding well to D. praetermissa as described in Europaean floras, and differing distinctly from the other Dactylorhiza taxa occuring in the area, namely D. purpurella, D. maculata ssp. ericetorum and their hybrid D. x formosa. Given the sparse population there is no possibility of carrying out a more detailed population study, but chances are favourable that the population will grow in the years to come, and attempts to test this identification using molecular and morphometric methods will be carried out when possible.

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