Recording of names for taxa and synonyms used in the Nordic herbarium is continuously going on. Therefore, the following lists are still growing. The list of names currently used (accepted) in the herbarium also includes names of genera (these are not included in the lists sorted by groups). The lists contain both Norwegian and Nordic taxa and names used in other Norwegian herbaria. Hence, they are neither check-lists for Norwegian fungi nor showing the species that actually are kept in the Oslo herbarium.

All Nordic material housed at herbarium O of the groups Agaricales, Aphyllophorales, Gasteromycetes and Tremellales is now digitalized and searchable in our database. Computerizing of Ascomycete-labels in the database has been started and will continue throughout 2007. Other groups such as Rusts and Smuts, and foreign material of the above mentioned groups, will be processed thereafter.

  • Agaricales (2986 accepted names, 2882 synonyms) *
  • Aphyllophorales (1241 accepted names, 2246 synonyms) *
  • Ascomycetes (3665 accepted names, 3257 synonyms)
  • Gasteromycetes (127 accepted names, 111 synonyms) *
  • Tremellales (152 accepted names, 139 synonyms) *
  • Uredinales ( 320 accepted names, 252 synonyms)
  • Fungi Imperfecti ( 150 accepted names, 46 synonyms)
  • All groups: List of names used (accepted) in the herbarium (13576 names incl. genera)
  • *: All Nordic specimens at herbarium O of all species of this group are digitalized

    Last update: 2007/05/07