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Past.exe (executable), ver. 2.17c (4.1 MB)

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If you download the program, you might like to send an e-mail to in order to be included in the PAST mailing list.

Also, if you publish any work using PAST, it would be nice if you could include a reference to the following paper:

Hammer, ., Harper, D.A.T., Ryan, P.D. 2001. PAST: Paleontological statistics software package for education and data analysis. Palaeontologia Electronica 4(1): 9pp.

Disclaimer: We are strongly committed to keeping this software bug free and to report problems (on the PAST mailing list) as soon as they are discovered, but as with any computer program we can not guarantee correctness. We offer this as a free service to the community, and consider the testing and validation of results a shared responsibility between programmer and users. The programmer is not responsible for any academic errors or financial loss made because of bugs in PAST.

Terms: PAST is Copyright Hammer & Harper. It can be downloaded freely from this site, but users are not authorized to re-distribute it without permission. Use for military purposes or weapons production is discouraged.