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Triebel, D 1989: Lecideicole Ascomyceten. Eine Revision der obligat lichenicolen Ascomyceten auf lecideoiden Flechten. - Bibliotheca Lichenologica, No. 35. J. Cramer, Berlin-Stuttgart. 278 pp. [RLL List # 139 / Rec.# 18996]
Abstract: 34 figures. [A study of the "obligately lichenicolous, non-lichenized ascomycetes which comprise lecideoid taxa among their hosts." Treatment of 21 genera, 45 species and two varieties in eight orders. Comments are made on host specificity, development, distribution and nutritional status. Thirty taxa are excluded and fifteen names remain of uncertain status; keys. New: Arthonia obscurior sp. nov., Cercidospora cephalodiorum Triebel & Grube sp. nov., Dactylospora amygdalariae sp. nov., D. australis Triebel & Hertel sp. nov., D. polyspora sp. nov., D. purpurascens sp. nov., Epilichen stellatus sp. nov., Opegrapha maligna sp. nov., Sphaerellothecium abditum sp. nov., S. contextum sp. nov., Dactylospora deminuta (Th. Fr.) comb. nov., Hymenobiella aporea (Nyl.) comb. nov., Lasiosphaeriopsis supersparsa (Zopf) comb. nov., Merismatium decolorans (Arnold) comb. nov., M. discrepans (Lahm) comb. nov., Muellerella pygmaea var. athallina (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov., M. pygmaea var. ventosicola (Mudd) comb. nov., Opegrapha lamyi (Nyl.) comb. nov., Rhymbocarpus elachistophorus (Nyl.) comb. nov., R. gregarius (Sherw., D. Hawksw. & Coppins) comb. nov., R. nitschkei (Koerber) comb. nov., Sagediopsis aquatica (Stein) comb. nov., S. barbara (Th. Fr.) R. Sant. & Triebel comb. nov., Stigmidium conspurcans (Th. Fr.) Triebel & R. Sant. comb. nov., S. tabacinae (Arnold) comb. nov. "Hymenobiella Triebel (nomen novum) is introduced for Hymenobia Nyl. (nom. illeg.)." In German; English summary with English and German keys.]

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