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Ekman, S./ Svensson, M. 2014: Brianaria (Psoraceae), a new genus to accommodate the Micarea sylvicola group. - The Lichenologist 46(3): 285-294. [RLL List # 240 / Rec.# 36555]
Keywords: lichens/ micareoid/ Pilocarpaceae/ Protoblastenia/ Psora
Abstract: The new genus Brianaria S. Ekman & M. Svensson is introduced for the Micarea sylvicola group, with the new combinations Brianaria bauschiana (Körb.) S. Ekman & M. Svensson, B. lutulata (Nyl.) S. Ekman & M. Svensson, B. sylvicola (Flot. ex Körb.) S. Ekman & M. Svensson and B. tuberculata (Sommerf.) S. Ekman & M. Svensson. The new genus is characterized by a chlorococcoid, non-micareoid photobiont, small, convex apothecia without an excipulum, an ascus of the ‘Psora-type’, 0–1-septate ascospores, dimorphic paraphyses, and immersed pycnidia containing bacilliform conidia. Brianaria is shown to form a monophyletic group in the Psoraceae, where it is probably the sister group to Psora and Protoblastenia.
– doi:10.1017/S0024282913000613

Genera/Families: Micarea/Pilocarpaceae/Brianaria

Notes: New: Brianaria S. Ekman & M. Svenss. (type: B. sylvicola), Brianaria bauschiana (Körb.) S. Ekman & M. Svensson (≡ Biatora bauschiana Körb.), Brianaria lutulata (Nyl.) S. Ekman & M. Svensson (≡ Lecidea lutulata Nyl.), Brianaria sylvicola (Flot. ex Körb.) S. Ekman & M. Svensson (≡ Lecidea sylvicola Flot. ex Körb.), Brianaria tuberculata (Sommerf.) S. Ekman & M. Svensson (≡ Lecidea tuberculata Sommerf.).


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