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Dal-Forno, M./ Lücking, R./ Bungartz, F./ Yánez-Ayabaca, A./ Marcelli, M.P./ Spielmann, A.A./ Coca, L.F./ Chaves, J.L./ Aptroot, A./ Sipman, H.J.M./ Sikaroodi, M./ Gillevet, P./ Lawrey, J.D. 2016: From one to six: unrecognized species diversity in the genus Acantholichen (lichenized Basidiomycota: Hygrophoraceae) . - Mycologia 108(1): 38-55. [RLL List # 243 / Rec.# 37684]
Keywords: Basidiolichens/ lichenized fungi/ montane forest/ phylogeny/ taxonomy/ tropical diversity
Abstract: We present a taxonomic revision of the lichenized basidiomycete genus Acantholichen, species of which produce a characteristic blue-gray, microsquamulose thallus with spiny apical hyphal cells known as acanthohyphidia. Since its discovery, the genus was thought to be monospecific, only including the generic type, A. pannarioides. However, a detailed morphological and anatomical study of recently collected specimens from the Galápagos, Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia, combined with a molecular phylogenetic analysis of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS1-5.8S-ITS2) region and 28S of the nuc rDNA and RPB2 sequences, revealed a much more diverse and widespread species assemblage. Based on the results of these analyses, we describe five new species in the genus: A. albomarginatus, A. campestris, A. galapagoensis, A. sorediatus and A. variabilis. We also provide an identification key to all species, anatomical and morphological descriptions, photographs and a table comparing main characters of each species.
– doi:10.3852/15-060

Notes: New: Acantholichen albomarginatus Dal-Forno, Marcelli & Lücking (from Brazil), A. campestris Dal-Forno, Spielmann & Lücking (from Brazil), A. galapagoensis Dal-Forno, Bungartz & Lücking (from Ecuador), A. sorediatus Dal-Forno, Sipman & Lücking (from Costa Rica), A. variabilis Dal-Forno, Coca & Lücking (from Colombia).


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