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Author: T r i e b e l , D
Period: 1 5 3 6 - 1 9 9 2

  • Döbbeler, P/ Triebel, D 1985: Hepaticole Vertreter der Gattungen Muellerella und Dactylospora (Ascomycetes) [Hepaticolous representatives of the genera Muellerella and Dactylospora (Ascomycetes)]. - Botanische Jahrbücher für Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie 107(1-4): 503-519. [RLL List # 149 / Rec.# 3969]
    Abstract: 4 fig. 2 tab. [Both genera include lichenicolous members as well. New: Muellerella frullaniae sp. nov., M. rubescens sp. nov., Dactylospora heimerlii (Zukal) comb. nov.]
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  • Triebel, D 1987: Was ist Lecidea whakatipae Knight?. - Mitteilungen der Botanischen Staatssammlung München 23: 343-344. [RLL List # 149 / Rec.# 18995]
    Keywords: BUELLIA/ LECIDEA
    Abstract: ["Lecidea whakatipae Knight is recognized as a later synonym of the parasitic lichen Buellia badia (Fr.) Massal.]
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  • Triebel, D/ Rambold, G 1988: Cecidonia und Phacopsis (Lecanorales): zwei lichenicole Pilzgattungen mit cecidogenen Arten. - Nova Hedwigia 47(3-4): 279-309. [RLL List # 137 / Rec.# 18993]
    Abstract: 9 figures. 3 tables. [New: Cecidonia gen. nov., C. umbonella (Nyl.) comb. nov. (syn. Lecidea umbonella), C. xenophana (Koerb.) comb. nov. (syn. Nesolechia xenophana), Phacopsis cephalodioides (Nyl.) comb. nov. (syn. Agyrium cephalodioides), P. oxyspora (Tul.) comb. nov. (syn. Nesolechia oxyspora), P. thallicola (Massal.) comb. nov. (syn. Nesolechia thallicola). Other species and synonyms are treated. The genus Nesolechia is considered a later synonym of Phacopsis.]
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  • Triebel, D 1989: Lecideicole Ascomyceten. Eine Revision der obligat lichenicolen Ascomyceten auf lecideoiden Flechten. - Bibliotheca Lichenologica, No. 35. J. Cramer, Berlin-Stuttgart. 278 pp. [RLL List # 139 / Rec.# 18996]
    Abstract: 34 figures. [A study of the "obligately lichenicolous, non-lichenized ascomycetes which comprise lecideoid taxa among their hosts." Treatment of 21 genera, 45 species and two varieties in eight orders. Comments are made on host specificity, development, distribution and nutritional status. Thirty taxa are excluded and fifteen names remain of uncertain status; keys. New: Arthonia obscurior sp. nov., Cercidospora cephalodiorum Triebel & Grube sp. nov., Dactylospora amygdalariae sp. nov., D. australis Triebel & Hertel sp. nov., D. polyspora sp. nov., D. purpurascens sp. nov., Epilichen stellatus sp. nov., Opegrapha maligna sp. nov., Sphaerellothecium abditum sp. nov., S. contextum sp. nov., Dactylospora deminuta (Th. Fr.) comb. nov., Hymenobiella aporea (Nyl.) comb. nov., Lasiosphaeriopsis supersparsa (Zopf) comb. nov., Merismatium decolorans (Arnold) comb. nov., M. discrepans (Lahm) comb. nov., Muellerella pygmaea var. athallina (Mull. Arg.) comb. nov., M. pygmaea var. ventosicola (Mudd) comb. nov., Opegrapha lamyi (Nyl.) comb. nov., Rhymbocarpus elachistophorus (Nyl.) comb. nov., R. gregarius (Sherw., D. Hawksw. & Coppins) comb. nov., R. nitschkei (Koerber) comb. nov., Sagediopsis aquatica (Stein) comb. nov., S. barbara (Th. Fr.) R. Sant. & Triebel comb. nov., Stigmidium conspurcans (Th. Fr.) Triebel & R. Sant. comb. nov., S. tabacinae (Arnold) comb. nov. "Hymenobiella Triebel (nomen novum) is introduced for Hymenobia Nyl. (nom. illeg.)." In German; English summary with English and German keys.]
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  • Rambold, G/ Hertel, H/ Triebel, D 1990: Koerberiella wimmeriana (Lecanorales, Porpidiaceae) and its lichenicolous fungi. - Lichenologist 22(3): 225-240. [RLL List # 141 / Rec.# 15263]
    Abstract: 1 table. 7 figures. ["Lecanora creatina Norman ex Th. Fr. and Lecanora leucophyma Leighton were found to be synonyms of Koerberiella wimmeriana (Körber) B. Stein; both represent the isidiate growth form of the species." Three lichenicolous fungi occurring on K. wimmeriana are described in detail.]
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  • Rambold, G/ Triebel, D 1990: Gelatinopsis, Geltingia and Phaeopyxis: three helotialean genera with lichenicolous species. - Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 46(3): 375-389. [RLL List #  / Rec.# 15271]
    Abstract: 4 fig. 1 tab. [New: Gelatinopsis nom. nov. (for Micropyxis Seeler, nom. illeg.), G. ericetorum (Körber) comb. nov., G. geoglossi (J. B. Ellis & Everhart) comb. nov., Phaeopxis gen. nov., P. australis sp. nov., P. carniolica comb. nov., P. punctum (Massal.) Rambold, Triebel & Coppins comb. nov., P. varia Coppins, Rambold & Triebel sp. nov., Unguiculariopsis refractiva (Coppins) Coppins comb. nov., U. lettaui (Grummann) Coppins comb. nov. The species now placed in Gelatinopsis, Geltingia, and Phaeopyxis were mostly previously included in Nesolechia or Phacopsis. Includes a tabular comparison of the seven heliotialean genera with lichenicolous/hepaticolous species and a key to the lichenicolous species therein.]
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  • Rambold, G/ Schuhwerk, F/ Triebel, D 1991 [1992]: Die grosssystematischen Einheiten der Ordnung Lecanorales (Ascomycetes) und ihre ökologischen Präferenzen. - Mitteilungen der Botanischen Staatssammlung München 30: 385-400. [RLL List # 148 / Rec.# 15267]
    Abstract: 8 fig. 3 tab. ["On the basis of a modified outline of the Lecanorales, the different ecological preferences of the suborders are illustrated with the help of the systematical spectra of some selected lichen associations." On the original title page, the word "Präferenzen" was mistakenly replaced by the word "Bedeutung, " although the title appeared correctly in the journal table of contents.]
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  • Triebel, D/ Rambold, G/ Nash, TH, III 1991: On lichenicolous fungi from continental North America. - Mycotaxon 42: 263-296. [RLL List #  / Rec.# 18992]
    Abstract: [Presents an annotated list of fifty-eight lichenicolous taxa from North America. New: Lichenochora xanthoriae Triebel & Rambold sp. nov., Sphaerellothecium subtile Triebel & Rambold sp. nov., Arthonia subfuscicola (Lindsay) Triebel comb. nov., Stigmidium congestum (Koerb.) Triebel comb. nov. New to North America: Abrothallus peyritschii, A. prodiens, Adelococcus alpestris, Arthonia clemens, A. epiphyscia, A. glaucomaria, A. subfuscicola, Cercidospora epicarphinea, Dactylospora deminuta, Epilichen stellatus, Karschia inops, Lichenoconium pyxidatae, L. xanthoriae, Lichenodiplis lecanorae, Peridothelia grandiuscula, Polycoccum galligenum, Polysporina lapponica, Pyrenidium actinellum, Rinodina insularis, Skyttea elachistosphora, Sphaerellothecium abditum, Stigmidium congestum, S. fuscatae, S. tabacinae, Vouauxiomyces truncatus.]
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  • Triebel, D 1991: Microfungi Exsiccati, Fasc. 1 (no. 1-25). - Arnoldia (Munich) 1: 1-12. [RLL List # 149 / Rec.# 18997]
    Keywords: EXSICCAT
    Abstract: [This new periodical has been started "mainly to publish the labels and annotations of the exsiccatae distributed by the Botanische Staatssammlung München." The present exsiccat series includes a few lichenicolous fungi and/or other affiliated microfungi.]
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  • Rambold, G/ Triebel, D 1992: The Inter-lecanoralean Associations. - Bibliotheca Lichenologica, 48, J. Cramer, Berlin, Stuttgart. 201 pp. [RLL List # 150 / Rec.# 15272]
    Abstract: 34 fig. 6 tab. ["The intention of this paper is to reassess some biological aspects of multi-biont fungal-algal associations in view of the more recent results in systematics. We have concentrated our interest on associations between algae and two ascomycetes with special emphasis on systems where lichens are involved and where the two fungal partners are members of the order Lecanorales, the 'inter-lecanoralean associations, ' as they will be called. Some 600 constellations of this type are known." New: Lecanora lecanoricola (Alstrup, D. Hawksw. & R. Sant.) comb. nov., L. mosigiicola (Eitn.) Hertel & Rambold comb. nov., L. mosigiicola var. buelliarum (Hertel) Hertel & Rambold comb. nov., Lichenochora obscuroides (Lindsay) Triebel & Rambold comb. nov., Micarea inquinans (Tul.) Coppins comb. nov., Phacopsis prolificans (Müll. Arg.) Triebel & Rambold comb. nov., P. rufa (Müll. Arg.) Triebel & Rambold comb. nov., Skyttea ramalinae (Müll. Arg.) Triebel comb. nov., Tephromela campestricola (Nyl.) comb. nov., T. cerasina (Müll. Arg.) comb. nov., T. koliensis (Räs.) comb. nov., Toninia verrucariae (Metzler ex Nyl.) Timdal comb nov.]
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  • Triebel, D 1992: Microfungi Exsiccati, Fasc. 2 (no. 26-50). - Arnoldia (Munich) 4: 1-16. [RLL List # 149 / Rec.# 18998]
    Keywords: EXSICCAT
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